APPLICATION: Talking about Inside-Out Solutions
I want to tap into the hearts and brains of people who want to share candidly - their own unique inspirational conscious perspective of the current state of our world. And to discuss what we can do from the inside-out to feel more empowered, to feel less stressed, etc.

I see this being shared on YouTube, a possible future podcast and that both of us should feel free to share with our audiences/communities/etc.

If you want to know more about me - check me out at I am interested in up-leveling our conversation, expanding our perspectives, elevating consciousness, solving problems from the inside-out and inspiring people to do their inner work to heal, awaken, integrate their shadows and show up authentically and vulnerably. I love to talk about all subjects from spiritual to emotional to parenting to culture to political to relational.

I like to explore at the edges, see new possibilities, seek Truth together and challenge ideas with respect.

I'm not promising I'll end up in a conversation with everyone who applies. But I am excited and will do my best to get to everyone!
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