AASD Certificated Workload Issues/Concerns/Tasks
PLEASE READ PRIOR TO COMPLETING THE FEEDBACK FORM. The Certificated AASD Workload Work Group is providing this form to AASD members to collect data on workload issues that will then be shared with district officials. The goal is to provide timely feedback to the District on issues/concerns/tasks/etc. which AASD members believe could be done more efficiently or are a duplication of tasks or unnecessary AND have an impact on workload. Please use a separate form for each issue so we can sort and categorize. Please be as specific as possible. If you report issues timely, then we can address them timely. Thank you! Your AASD Workload Work Group representatives are: Peg Crane (Elem); MC Patton (Elem); Carly Romero (Elem); Susan Levy (Middle Level); Listy Gillingham (Sr. High); Kristin Makena (central office); Stacey Simpson (vice principals; Brandon Lemmon (vice principals); Donis Coronel (AASD).
Please indicate your school level or indicate central office. *
Is the issue/concern/task related to Instruction or Operations? *
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Please describe the issue/concern/task that had an impact on your workload. *
Please provide a proposed solution to this issue/concern/task that would resolve or help reduce your workload. *
Please provide any additional information related to this particular issue/concern/task (that is related to workload). Please use a separate form to report each individual issue.
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