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Membership options and fees 2023-24
Riding Member $40
Non-Riding and Committee Members $15

Please note the membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March each year. Any new member paying from 1st February, their membership automatically rolls over for the following membership year.
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Nelson Riding Club Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
The aim of this Code is to ensure appropriate behaviour on the part of the NRC (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Club’) member, and, where appropriate, to initiate a change of behaviour.

This should ensure that standards of conduct are met.

The Code also details procedures for dealing with a breach of the Code.

In applying this Code the principles of fairness, common sense and courtesy are to be observed at all times.
Club members have an obligation to: Respect the rights of others. In meeting this obligation, members are expected to:
1. Avoid behaviour which might endanger or cause stress to other Club members or visitors, or otherwise contribute to disruption of the Club meeting or event;
2. Refrain from allowing relationships within the Club to adversely affect the Club or any of its members or visitors;
3. Respect the privacy of individuals when dealing with personal information;
4. not discriminate against Club members or visitors because of their sex, age, marital status, colour, race, ethnic or national origins, ethical beliefs, disability, religious belief, political opinion, employment status, family status or sexual orientation;
5. Have due regard for the safety of themselves and others in the use of the Club property and resources.
6. Show reasonable care, and neither use, nor allow the use of, Club property, resources, or funds for anything other than authorised purposes.
7. Incur no liability on the part of the Club without proper authorisation.
8. Not to disclose confidential information, or information relating to any of the Club business affairs, or any information relating to its members without authorisation.

The Committee has identified a range of offences that could result in investigative action, and these are listed below.
This list is not exhaustive and is not intended to cover every possible situation.
1. Failure to follow members guidelines and the constitution.
2. Use of such language as to cause offence to another person whilst attending club meetings or events.
3. Inappropriate and/or disruptive behaviour including sexual, verbal or personal harassment of any other person.
4. Posting offensive notices in the shed or posting offensive posts on the club facebook page or sending out offensive emails to other club members either about the club or its members.
5. Behaviour adversely affecting the safety of another person whilst attending club meetings or events.
6. Misuse or unauthorised use of the Club’s property, or damaging and/ or defacing the Club’s property, or removal of the Club’s property without authorisation from a Committee member.
7. Possession of the Club’s property without proper authorisation or possession of another person’s property without that person’s consent.
 8. Failure to forward to the Treasurer any donations or monetary gifts for the Club.
9. Fighting or abusing (physically or verbally) any club member, committee or other person attending club meetings or events.
10. The unauthorised disclosure of or access to confidential information about the Club or any of its members.
11. Acts likely to bring the Club into disrepute.

Complaints Procedure
In the event where a complaint has been raised, the complaint must be received in writing to the President. The President will then confer with the Vice President and they will write a letter to the member accused.
The letter will outline the complaint or allegation and any supporting evidence including the written complaint. The letter will invite the member to a closed meeting with the Committee to discuss the complaint / allegation. The member is not required to respond prior to the initial meeting. The complaint, incident or concern is outlined for the member, and the member’s explanation sought in respect of this. Possible outcomes from this meeting include:

It is decided that no further action is necessary, and the incident is deemed to be closed. If considered appropriate in the circumstances, a record of the meeting will be kept by the Secretary stating that no action was taken in respect of the event.

It is decided that further investigation is necessary, and following this the member will be further interviewed, and a decision proposed as to whether or not an action is to be taken. It is proposed after considering the member’s response, that action should be taken. If, after considering the member's response to the complaint, incident or concern, action is considered necessary, the member will receive a written warning that if their conduct does not improve to the Club’s standard, or if they further breach the rules of the Code in any way, then further action may be taken, which could mean their Club membership be suspended for a stated length or term or terminated indefinitely.

If the behaviour is such that it is considered gross misconduct, then the members Club membership may be cancelled to take immediate effect and this will be confirmed in writing. The complainant will be notified in writing that due process has been followed and the investigation is now closed. Should the terminated member re-apply to join Nelson Riding Club Inc, the committee will meet to discuss the application taking into consideration the original breach and any subsequent breaches during the period of termination. Where appropriate the member may be asked to attend a meeting to discuss the re-application. This will be a closed meeting (not open to all members to attend) however the person may bring one support person with them.

The committee will listen to the person and ask any relevant questions. The committee will then consider the response and will vote on the person being re-elected as club member or to extend the period of termination with or without a finite end date. In certain circumstances the committee will make the decision at a closed meeting without meeting the person and this decision will be made taking into account all relevant factual information and will be via a majority vote. These circumstances are at the discretion of the committee

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Membership fee payment - Riding member $40 / Non-Riding & Committee member $15
You can now pay your annual subscription via internet banking,  please enter your initial and surname as reference and ‘annual subs’ as secondary reference.
Nelson Riding Club - Bank account no: 03 0703 0461698 00
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