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For A SPRING/SUMMER 2021 place – DO NOT use this form.

For AUTUMN/SEPTEMBER 2021 – DO NOT use this form.

For all FOREST SCHOOL CLUB places (our older group) – DO NOT use this form.

Please give us a call.

For JANUARY 2022 ONWARDS – to request a nursery place, please complete the form below.
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Into The Woods sessions run during term times and children are enrolled at the beginning of terms: in September, January or April. Please choose your term and year, eg April 2018 . Please ensure that your child is 2 years 6 months old by the start term you request. This is a strict minimum age requirement. Thanks.
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Please tell us any other information you think we might need to know. There's no need to tell us your weekly session requirements now. And if you have any queries for us, it's best to give us a call or email separately, as we will respond more quickly.
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