Youth Innovation Project with Citizens Advice Redbridge Information Form
About this Opportunity

1. Background

At Citizens Advice Redbridge, we are working to make the advice and information we provide more accessible to young people. We hope to find innovative ways to increase access to advice services for young people aged 16-25.

2. The role of the group

The role of the forum is to advise Citizens Advice Redbridge on how to make advice services more accessible for young people. We hope to hear ideas from young people in Redbridge aged 16-25 from a range of backgrounds and experiences about creating and maintaining an advice service that will work for young people across Redbridge.

3. Responsibilities

- A willingness to suggest ideas about the kind of service that will work effectively for young people
- To workshop and discuss these ideas to formulate practical steps to developing and publicising our advice service to young people in Redbridge
- Desire to discuss the progress of the project over several months

4. Ways of working

- Individuals in the forum will have an introductory conversation with the project worker before starting on the forum, having filled out and returned the information form
- The forum will meet approximately twice a month
- Members of the forum will receive documents dealing with updates on the progress of the project and an agenda a week before the meeting
- Minutes of the meeting will be kept by the project worker agreed by all members of the Group who attended the meeting.

5. Membership

The forum will draw its membership from young people who are existing volunteers at Citizens Advice Redbridge and from a range of young people across Redbridge with differing backgrounds and experiences. The aim is to ensure as representative a group as possible.

Group membership would normally last for the life of the project to the date when it ends on 31 July 2021.

Group meetings will be attended by the project officer / project support lead.

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