Action: Love Monee 2019 Group Form
Get involved in serving our community at this year's week-long Action: Love Monee event! Complete the form below to let us know how you are interested to serve one day or throughout the week as a group. If you are only signing up as an individual, please complete our Action: Love Monee 2019 Volunteer Form.
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First, let's get some information about you and the best way to get in contact as the leader of your group
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We appreciate you signing up for your group, but we will need to know their names and t-shirt sizes. Everyone in your group (or their parent if they are under 18) will also need to sign a waiver.
If you know the names and t-shirt sizes of your group already, please list them below. If not, that's okay, we'll connect with you soon.
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We have a lot of great opportunities for groups to serve together.
Please scroll through these group service options and check which ones you're group might be interested to participate in. If you have a specific project or event in mind that's not listed, please note it below.
Our group is interested in serving together with one or more of the following opportunities
If your group is interested in helping with Community Service Projects, please answer these questions.
If you checked that your group is interested in serving at one of our Saturday events, continue scrolling to the bottom of this form to submit it.
Our group would be willing to serve one or more of the following days [Check all days you are available to serve]
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Our group would look to do a project that would involve one or more of the following abilities:
Does anyone in your group have a special skill they could use to serve?
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If you know of a specific Action: Love Monee project that your group would like to be involved in, please note it here.
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Thank you! You'll hear from us soon!
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