COVID-19 Guidance for Planning Indoor and Outdoor Events, Gatherings, and Activities in Wicomico County
To ensure that large events occurring in Wicomico County are conducted in a safe manner and in compliance with Governor's Executive Orders, we are inviting event organizers to complete the following application for review by the Wicomico County Health Department. This will help lower the risk of event staff, attendees, and Wicomico residents contracting and spreading COVID-19 during events.

This application should be submitted by the organizer of an event, gathering or social activity to the Wicomico County Health Department for review and approval at least 30 days prior to the start of an event.

The Wicomico County Health Department’s review of your COVID-19 safety plan does not negate the need for you to obtain the appropriate governmental approval authorizing the event to occur. Please see the contact information provided at the end of this form for a list of the local municipal and county personnel responsible for providing guidance on conducting events/gatherings/activities within their jurisdictions.

For CDC guidance on event planning, please refer to:
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Description of Event. Please be specific in your description so that we have a good understanding of the details of your event. In particular, please mention if performances are planned or if there are other situations that are likely to draw a group of people together. Please also describe, if relevant, the plan for seating for the performances *
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If yes, please list the name(s) and contact information for each food vendor.
If Food and/or Beverages are to be provided, please review the requirements for Temporary Food Service Facility Permit found on the following link:
An application for Temporary Food Permit will be required to be submitted to the Wicomico County Health Department’s Environmental Health Division in association with the proposed event.

Please contact the Environmental Health Division at 410-546-4446 for questions concerning the requirements for a temporary food service permit.

Please note that food prepared and served for private gatherings such as weddings and private parties does not require a Temporary Food Permit.
We agree to have our food vendor(s) submit a Temporary Food Service Facility Permit Application to the Environmental Health Division, as linked above *
COVID-19 Event Health & Safety Plan
Your Event Should Include and Conform To the Following COVID-19 Safety & Health Guidelines at A Minimum:
a. Wearing face coverings. Please note that the Governor's Executive Order ( requires all persons to wear a face covering indoors at any location where members of the public are generally permitted; and at any outdoor location when unable to consistently maintain at least 6 feet of distance from individuals who are not members of their households.
b. Social distancing. Practice social distancing by maintaining at least 6 feet of distance between all people who do not live in the same household.
c. Crowd monitoring & minimizing congregating. Organizers should monitor crowding in areas and minimize congregating in common areas using signage, barriers and other forms of communications. Restrict access to areas where social distancing and social gathering requirements cannot be followed.
d. Sanitizing. Provide stations for sanitizers for all persons, and clean and disinfect each table, and seating as well as all high touch surfaces using cleaning products that meet EPA criteria for use against COVID-19.
Please review the Health & Safety Guidelines outlined above. *
A) Please explain how your event will ensure attendees wear face coverings as stated in the Governor's Executive Orders. *
B) Please explain how your event will encourage people to physically distance 6 feet from other parties. *
C) Please explain how your event will manage crowds and minimize congregating. If performances are planned, please describe how the audience will be managed to prevent crowding and congregating (i.e. space between seating, reserved seating, or limited entry, etc. ). *
D) Please explain your efforts to ensure proper sanitization of spaces and high-touch surfaces, and how attendees will have access to sanitizers. *
If an attendee of the public event, gathering, or special activity contacts you as the event planner to advise that they have become ill with COVID-19 following the event, you should contact the Wicomico County Health Department at 410-912-6889. *
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