ESA Executive Team Hiring 2019/2020
Looking for a fun opportunity to get involved with in the English undergraduate community while developing leadership skills? We are officially seeking executives for next year’s ESA. This is a great way to develop new skills, meet new people, and have an influence on campus.

DEADLINE: Tues Mar 12th @ 11:59 PM

Available positions are listed below. For more information, please see our website: .



- Oversee club operations
- Monitor the club email account
- Act as the first point of contact between the ESA and outside parties
- Co-write grant applications with the Treasurer
- Consult and update the constitution on an annual basis
- Call a General Meeting
- Act as a liaison to the Student Administrative Commission
- Act as one of the two Booking Representatives of the club

- Prepare and update an annual club budget
- Maintain a record of all club expenditures
- Co-write grant applications with the President
- Maintain a record of all memberships purchased and membership fees collected
- Act as a liaison to the Finance Commission
- Act as one of two Booking Representatives of the club
- Act as the sole signing officer of the club
- Assist the President in overseeing regular club operations

- Creates and sources promotional materials and images for the club
- Maintains, updates and archives club website content
- Assist the President in overseeing regular club operations

- Propose and plan club events and programming
- Consult with Treasurer regarding event budgets
- Communicates with other clubs for the purposes of event planning
- Assist the President in overseeing regular club operations

- Coordinate regular meeting times
- Record and archive weekly club meeting minutes
- Communicate with the club membership via bi-monthly newsletter regarding events as well as club or departmental notes
- Oversees blog contributions and operations
- Assist in booking rooms and venues for meetings, events, and programming

- Attend bimonthly AUS Council meetings and report back to the executive team with meeting minutes

- Promote ESA events to English Honours students, act as a liaison between English Honours students and the ESA

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Elections will be held at our General Meeting, which will take place at the RBC on Campus (in the AMS Nest) next Wed Mar 12th from 5PM - 7PM -- elections will likely take place from 5PM - 6PM. The event will be relatively informal, but we will be asking applicants to speak briefly about themselves and why they are applying. Will you be able to attend from 5PM - 6PM and speak about yourself? (If you cannot attend, we will share your information with attendees) *
Are you currently a member of the ESA? If not, you will have to purchase membership ($2) at the General Meeting or arrange another time with us to buy membership, as only members can run for executive positions. *
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