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We are so excited to welcome you all to Raas Fantasy League! We can’t wait to get the season going, and what better way to kick it off than with RFL? RFL is an anonymous fantasy system. The week of each comp, we’ll send out a form and you’ll be able to predict what you think placings will be! Based on your predictions, you will receive points. Who knows, the winner might just get a very special prize ;)

We ask for your email to send your username as you will be using only your username for each competition you would like to participate in. We will not be sharing this information with anyone as we would like to maintain everyone’s privacy

We suggest that you create a random username rather than one that could be tied back to you. It is your responsibility to remember your username, so pick wisely! If you have applied to be a judge, we HIGHLY recommend that you not participate in RFL this year as it may raise bias before you judge a competition.

Starting in the spring, we will be posting Google Form links for each competition weekend in its own thread ON THIS FORUM (we will not be posting in the Raas All-Stars Community page). The forms will open around 12 PM EST on Monday and close by 9 AM EST on Saturday.

Here is how scoring will work. You will send in three teams with their placings if you match with any of the three placing teams you will receive 1 point. When you correctly predict the exact placing of a single team you will receive bonus points equivalent to that of the RAS bid points (first is 4, second is 2, third is 1). When you correctly predict all 3 placing teams exactly correct you will receive an additional 6 point bonus. Essentially, if you predict all three placings of a competition correctly, you will earn 3 + 7 + 6 = 16 points

Let the games begin! We can’t wait to see who will come out on top!

Peace. Love. Fantasy.
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