Biodiesel Pump Questionnaire
The Cowichan Bio-Diesel Coop and the BC Biofuel Network are looking for collaborators in the sustainable biofuel community to develop the perfect fuel distribution/management system for small- to mid-scale biofuelers across North America. The goal is to create a cost effective, standardised, biofuel distribution model that can take advantage of cheap surplus fuel pumps by interfacing them to an inexpensive, universal, cloud-based Point of Sale (PoS) system and to keep it open source to continue to invite co-development by the sustainable biofuel community.

We know some of you are already working on this, or at least thinking about it, and we want your input! You can participate by filling out the questionnaire below to share your ideas and experiences. What services and other aspects of a PoS fueling system do you think are essential and/or has your organization already developed, and what components are still needed to create that perfect biofueling system? Answer N/A if you haven't dealt with certain questions. Visit for more information or email Jessy at with questions.

Blending requirements?
What blend(s) do you sell right now? What would you like to be able to sell?
What make and model pump(s) do you you use? What do you think of its performance?
Your answer
Point of Sale system
What type of PoS do you use? Do you accept credit cards, fleet cards, other?
Your answer
What software do you use to connect the pump and payment systems? Linux, other systems?
Your answer
What aspects of a fuel distribution/management system have you developed?
Your answer
What components of your system still need work?
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Your most important gap?
What's the priority gap to address in your system?
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Your ideal station
What particular components and services would you like to see in the perfect system? Size, mobility, payment system, solar-powered? Are there any systems you think are well-developed good examples?
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Interest in a new Biofuel Pump PoS?
Might your coop be interested in installing one or more of these stations? Do you have access to R&D funding?
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Working group availability?
Are you or other members of your coop available to consult on the platform's development?
Contact Person
Who is the point person in your organization for this project?
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Contact Information
Email address
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What is your coop/group called? Do you have a website?
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