Every Bride Brings
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What fear do you think you see your brides bring most often? *
How do we offer the bride safety and security? *
How does celebration help diminish the bride's fear? *
How do you close a sale? *
Why is knowing your stock of gowns so important? *
This video mentioned one of Brilliant Bridal's Core Values. Which one was it? *
What do we mean by "lead the bride?" *
Finish the sentence: This is the most self... *
Based on you answer to the last question. Why is it important we know that and we tell our brides that sentence? *
Fill in the blanks: We will talk about ______ she is and _____ this dress expresses that. *
How do we empower our brides?
What makes Brilliant Bridal different from other bridal shops in terms of sizes of gowns we have in store? *
What physical cues indicate that the bride loves a dress? *
Finish the sentence: You can't predict a..... *
What are some fears a mom might have coming into our shops? *
What is Brilliant Bridal's Customer Service Vision? *
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