2021 Georgia STARTALK Summer Institute for Language Teachers
To participate, teachers must be committed to the entire program, including the following components: (1) Pre-program: online (6 hours asynchronous in early July); (2) Residential program: July 12-18, 2021 at Agnes Scott College; & (3) Post-Program: Fall, 2021 (10 hours asynchronous & 2 hours synchronous)
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All participants (and instructors) will be asked to follow the program COVID protocols, including wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, even though they are vaccinated. Are you able to comply with the safety protocols if accepted? *
Basic Qualifications:
A bachelor’s degree or above is required for admission to this program. Do you have a bachelor’s degree or above? Please list your highest degree, area of study, and university. (e.g., BA, education, Georgia State University) *
This program is designed for teachers of Arabic, Chinese, Korean or Russian. Which language are you teaching (or planning to teach)? *
Are you a confident speaker (advanced proficiency) of the language you teach or plan to teach? *
To complete the program, participants must be able to read, discuss, and present in English. Please check all that apply. *
Program Placement:
Please choose the track you believe will be the best fit; each applicant only choose one track:

The Teacher Certification track will provide training to work as a teacher in the state of Georgia following state licensing requirements. If you are proficient in Arabic, Chinese, Korean or Russian and interested in becoming a language teacher in Georgia, please apply to the Teacher Certification Track.

The Professional Leadership track will prepare teachers to take on greater leadership roles for teacher communities. If you have taught Arabic, Chinese, Korean, or Russian for three or more years, we encourage you to apply to the Professional Leadership Track.
Are you applying to be in the Teacher Certification track or the Professional Development track? *
Are you currently teaching Arabic, Chinese, Korean or Russian in Georgia? (this is not a requirement) *
If yes, please provide the name of your current school/institution, city and grade level(s) you teach.
Please describe any previous training you may have had in proficiency-, standards-, performance- or task-based language education, particularly pertaining to Arabic, Chinese, Korean or Russian. If you don't have any, please type N/A. *
What are your professional goals in participating in this program? Please elaborate. *
If accepted, will you be committed to the entire program? (I. Pre-program: 6 hours asynchronous in early July; II. Residential: July 12-18, 2021; III. Post-Program: Fall, 2021, 10 hours asynchronous & 2 hours synchronous) *
The program covers lodging in the student dorm and three meals daily during the residential phase at Agnes Scott College. However, (1) travel expenses to/from Agnes Scott College are not included (free parking can be provided upon request); (2) participants will be asked to bring their own linens (pillow case, bedsheet and blanket/comforter); & (3) we won't be able to accommodate special food requests. Are you able to comply to these terms if accepted? *
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