UC Student Complaint Form

This online electronic form will facilitate complaints concerning students, and due diligence must be exercised when accomplishing this form. Complaints may come from students, teachers & employees, parent/guardian or a UC visitor, against a student, teacher, employee, official or a visitor of UC. In any case, a student must be involved (whether as complainant or a respondent). Complaints from outside of UC or students from other schools can only be accommodated at the OSAS.

All information sent through this e-form shall be treated with utmost care and confidentiality. OSAS will not be liable for any form of leak in information by other entities, specially when initial hearing and interviews will already be conducted, where other people may be part of the hearing and interviews.

Within five (5) working days of the receipt of your complaint, we shall endeavor to contact or call you (via phone, email or in-campus call slip) to make an appointment for a personal interview, and for the complainant to swear and affirm by signing a hardcopy of the form containing the details of the complaint. If you will not be contacted after 5 days, please visit OSAS immediately. Hoax, illegitimate, false, incorrect or incomplete submissions shall not be acted upon.

If you will have difficulty writing about the narrative of your complaint, don't hesitate to visit OSAS, so you will be assisted personally.

Please be aware also that UC follows a due process that protects the rights of both the complainant and the respondent. Investigations may take long depending on complexity of the case.

As an educational institution, UC upholds and advocates a formative and reformative discipline philosophy, rather than an imposing and punitive system of discipline.

For general complaints, concerns, questions and comments, please send a message to the official UC-OSAS Facebook Page:

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