MaCS Scholarship Application
Please fill out this form to apply for the MaCS Scholarship for students who will be attending William Paterson University and will be majoring in Mathematics, Computer Science or Computer Information Technology. Scholarship recipients must qualify based on income requirements (Pell-eligible) under the terms of this grant.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under NSF Grant # 2028011.

If you have any trouble with this application form, please contact Prof. Paul von Dohlen at for assistance.
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I am currently a ... *
Applicants/Recipients of this scholarship must major in Mathematics (BA or BS), Computer Science (BS) or Computer Information Technology (BS).
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Citizenship/Residency Status
Applicants/Recipients of this scholarship must be U.S. Citizens, nationals, legal permanent residents or refugee aliens.
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Full-Time Enrollment Status
Applicants/Recipients must maintain full-tine enrollment status at WPUNJ.
Enrollment Status *
GPA Requirement
Applicants/Recipients must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 from high school (for first-time freshmen) or from a previous college (for transfers).
Please provide your high school GPA (if you are currently in high school) or your GPA from your community college (if you will be transferring to WPU) or current WPUNJ GPA (if you are already enrolled at WPUNJ). *
Date of Birth
There is no age requirement for this scholarship. Date of Birth is required for data collection/reporting only.
Please provide your date of birth. *
Sex, Gender Identity, Ethnicity and Disability
There are no sex, gender identity, race/ethnicity or disability requirements for this scholarship. The following questions are for data collection/reporting. The responses have no impact on the evaluation of this application. By submitting this application, you are giving consent to have your classification verified from university records.
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Gender Identity
Are you Hispanic or Latino/a/x?
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Ethnicity (Check all that apply)
For the following question, please select "Yes" if one of the following apply:
Deaf or serious difficulty hearing
Blind or serious difficulty seeing even when wearing glasses
Serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs
Other serious disability related to a physical, mental or emotional condition
Disability (see above for explanation)
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Previous STEM Experience
Please list any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) courses you have taken or are currently taking (high school and/or college).
Recommendations (Optional)
Please give the names and email addresses of two (2) people who would be willing to fill out a short form discussing your fit for this scholarship. One should be a STEM teacher or professor.
Waiver of Right to Review Recommendations: I waive my right to review or access any letters and statements of recommendation written on my behalf. *
Reference/Recommender #1 (STEM teacher or professor). Please give a name and email address.
Reference/Recommender #2 Please give a name and email address.
The last requirement for the application is the submission of a short essay or video in which you introduce yourself and discuss your personal and career goals and interests. (Optional but recommended.)
You will submit the essay (Word or PDF) or video through Dropbox. The link to do that will be given below. It will also be in the confirmation email you get after submitting this application form. You do not need to submit the essay or video immediately, but you need to submit it before your application can be considered.


If you do an essay, please keep it under 500 words. If you choose to do a video, please keep it under 5 minutes.
Introduce yourself and discuss any personal and career goals and interests.
Some questions you might answer:
What or who motivated you to be a Math/CS/CIT major?
Do you have thoughts about what you would like to do after college?
What do you see as your strengths as a student?
Is there any specific type of guidance you would like from a support program?
What extracurricular activities would you like to participate in
(such as social club, honor society, field trips, … )?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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