Tech Intersections scholarship application
We understand the word "affordable" is subjective and some members of our communities may not be able to attend due to cost of any amount, even the $10 ticket price for students, teachers, and unemployed people (which is available on our registration page without needing to complete this form).

We do not want cost to keep people from attending Tech Intersections. With the support of sponsor Handshake, we are able to offer full or partial scholarships to people unable to cover the ticket cost. We regret that we cannot cover travel expenses.

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Which of these categories, if any, describe you?
Tickets for full-time students, teachers, and unemployed people are only $10.
If you are not local, where do you live?
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Do you need a place to stay?
If so, we can put you in touch with a local volunteer offering housing. Please state any constraints, such as pet allergies.
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We expect most scholarships to be partial this way we can help fund more scholarships to attend our conference. Please indicate how many dollars you can pay.
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How would you benefit from attending Tech Intersections, and how would the community benefit from your attendance? *
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Demographic information
You are not required to reveal information you prefer not to disclose. Your demographic information will be used in considering your scholarship application and to share in aggregate (e.g., X% of our scholarship recipients were immigrants).
Would you be making use of our free child care?
If so, list the number of children and add the age of each child. Thank you! :)
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