Déjà Vu Moot #RoverResearch
Hey! We want Déjà Vu Moot to include the best parts of previous Moots. Here's where you come in!

There are 18 questions, but you can skip the ones you get stumped on. Message us later if you come up with ideas. We want to start the conversation, hear the hindsight, and ensure Déjà Vu Moot is 20/20.
1. How many NZ Moots have you attended?
2. How long have you been a Rover?
3. What Merch would you like to see?
Please tick all that apply.
4. Any cool/new tour ideas?
You can always flick us a FB message or e-mail if you think of one later. Be creative! Be whacky. We'll see if it can be done, but no promises.
Your answer
5. Which amazing past tours should we bring back?
Be specific about what made it amazing: places visited, attention to detail, activities you did, etc.
Your answer
6. If we offered split tours would you support this?
Split tours would mean you can choose a Morning Tour, and an Afternoon Tour. You can mix and match based on your preferences.
Heck yeah!
7. If we did have some half-day tours available, what kind of activities would you expect to be on offer?
Your answer
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