Guidelines for Participation in MKANT Cultural Programs
All the members should adhere to MKANT general rules and guidelines and should be current members of MKANT to take part in cultural activities. Please go to to register for membership.

1. All participants must currently be a member of MKANT.

2. Non-Members who would like to participate must complete MKANT membership registration and handle membership dues on or before the deadline date to submit the entries.

3. Group performance must contain at least 5 participants (Solo performances are not accepted).

5. First time participants will be given preference to showcase their talent.

6. Participation must be limited to one item for the evening.

7. The Program Coordinator must complete the performance request form in full and submit on or before the deadline.

8. Submitted entries will be considered on a "first come first serve " basis and also on variety.

9. Duration of each program should be limited to 10 minutes or less, in order to accommodate as many entries as possible.

10. The items that can not be accommodated at this event will automatically be given first preference at the next event.

11. The Program Coordinator must confirm all the names of the Participants and their MKANT membership along with Event Registration.

12. The Program Coordinator must request for stage, lighting and microphone needs, 2 weeks before the event.

13. The Program Coordinator is responsible for all the stage props including furniture that will be necessary for their performance.

14. The Program Coordinator must be aware of the fact that all the cultural programs of the event will be photographed and videotaped by MKANT committee or MKANT members which will be eventually posted on MKANT website.

15. All programs must be suitable for viewing in a family setting and the Program Coordinator must ensure that the script does not contain any inappropriate content.

16. The cultural programs will start at 4 pm SHARP!

17. The last date to submit the form is September 10th, 2017

18. MKANT committee's decision is FINAL.

Please Fill Out The Below Fields
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Please provide Name and an Email id of two Volunteers (Other than Coordinators and Committee Members) from your group who can help us at the Event for some time *
It can be any adult from participant's family. MKANT seeks and appreciates Volunteers help in managing the event well.
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Have all the participants in your group taken MKANT Membership and completed Event Registration and handled Payment ? Please Confirm *
Please select Yes only if you have received confirmation for both Membership as well as Event Registration from all the members in your group.
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MKANT Committee will contact you related to your request. Thank you.
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