SNJ Pre-Coaching Call Questionnaire
Thank you for taking your time to work on this questionnaire. The goal of this questionnaire is to help me understand your goals and needs before we jump in on our coaching call and will take between 5-20 minutes. Please be as specific as possible to help us have a productive session!
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Name *
Contact Number
Height *
Weight *
Body fat% (If you know)
What are your immediate goals? (3-6 months) *
What are your long term goal? (1-2 years) *
How is your nutritional habits like? *
Huge mess, no idea what I'm doing
Good relationship with food, eat pretty healthily
Where do you feel like you are at right now in terms of nutrition? Be as specific as possible *
This can be about your relationship with food, eating behavior, general knowledge in nutrition concepts, your issues/stumbling block(s).
What needs to happen while working with me in order for you to feel like you are getting closer to your goal(s)?
What have you tried in the past that has not worked? *
Do you have any medical issues I need to know?
Are you working with any other coaches/professionals that I may need to contact to serve you better when we work together? *
This could be your running coach, trainer, physiotherapist, psychologist, etc
Are there anything else not I need to know that has not been addressed on the above questions?
Are you ready and willing to invest in yourself to make this happen?* *
*Investment comes in the form of time, effort, and finances
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