Metabolic Support UK - NextGen Transition Tracker
If this is your first time using this tool, please take a minute to read the below information. If not, please feel free to continue to the next section.

The word ‘Transition’ is used to describe the process of moving a patient from children’s services to adult services.

Conversations about transition may start between you and your child’s healthcare team well head of time, however, once you’re being provided with specific information, and steps are being taken to prepare for how and when it’ll take place, then your child is classed as ‘in transition’. This might also include attending a specific ‘transition clinic’ with the adult team and at the same time as other transition patients.

This survey tool has been developed to help us to understand how you feel as a parent at different points during the transition process with the aim of seeing how well this process works, and to identify ways in which we can better support patients, families, and healthcare providers.

We’d like you to complete this survey after each time you attend an appointment with your child while they are in transition. As such, in order to take part, we’ll ask you to provide your name so that we can track your individual answers. Your name will never be shared with anyone outside Metabolic Support UK and will be removed from the data once you’ve completed the survey for the last time.

If you would like to discuss this further, or would prefer to provide feedback a different way, please feel free to contact us by email at, or by calling us on 0845 241 2173. Our Project Officer for NextGen is Sally and you can also speak to her directly at We will also provide these contact details at the end should you have any further questions.
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