/r/FortniteBR Verified Creator Application
Thank you for applying to be a /r/FortniteBR Verified Creator. Please see the criteria below.

Minimum /r/FortniteBR Post Karma Requirement - 10,000
Minimum /r/FortniteBR Posts - 3

What qualifies as Fortnite creator content:

- Cinematic/funny videos
- Artwork, real life or in game (this includes artistic screenshots)
- Live streaming of Fortnite Battle Royale content
- Cheat sheets or guides
- Other original content created by yourself that is related to FortniteBR

Things that DO NOT qualify as "relevant Fortnite creator content":

-Highlight compilations of streamers
-Data mining content

All Verified Content Creator applications are reviewed by our staff.  You may be asked to provide ownership of third party accounts. We will contact you if this is needed.  If you have been denied for the Verified Content Creator program in the past, you can reapply 30 days after your previous application.  Sending false or prank applications will result in a ban from the subreddit.  Meeting the above requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program, and we reserve the right to reject any applicant.

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