Bournonville Workshops (Danish Style) 布農維爾 工作坊(丹麥學派)
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Led by Mr. Charles Andersen, former dancer of Royal Danish Ballet, we will experience Romantic Ballet in Bournonville style from different repertoire like La Sylphide, Le Conservatoire, Napoli etc. 

Workshop Fee 工作坊費用:
HK$ 250 / workshop
HK$ 200 (HKBG 2019 membership fee)

24 Jan 2019, Thur (Teachers’ Workshop Part 1)
- Focus on La Sylphide
- History and Introduction to the Bournonville School
- Bournonville Mime in La Sylphide
- Technique and Variation from La Sylphide

31 Jan 2019, Thur (Teachers’ Workshop Part 2)
- Focus on Le Conservatoire, Napoli and other Bournonville repertoire
- Bournonville Mime from Bournonville repertoires
- Technique and Variation from Bournonville repertoires

8 Feb 2019, Fri (Students' Workshop, in class format, Ages 10-22)
(Teachers who have attended any of the Workshops above are welcome to join/watch this class for free)
- Brief Introduction to Bournonville School
- Excerpts from regular classes of Bournonville School
- Variation from La Sylphide

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