H2FC Supergen Research Conference 2020
The conference takes place on Monday 17th to Tuesday 18th February 2020 at the University of Nottingham.

We call for PhD students and early career researchers, along with academics and industrialists to provide a half page abstracts for the conference detailing their research and giving an overview of the results they wish to present by November 24th 2019.

Please submit your abstract using the submission through our google form below. Please indicate if your submission is for an oral or poster presentation.

We encourage PhD students, who are not giving a oral presentation, to join the 3-minute-thesis (3MT) competition, summarising their research in a three minute presentation. There will be prizes for the best poster and 3MT presentation.

If you would like to send us on a photo/image to accompany your abstract, please email them to H2FC SUPERGEN Researcher Conference (h2fcsupergen.conf@imperial.ac.uk). Make sure you label your submission with your name.
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--Introduction - Please provide a brief description of the challenge within broader context.
--Objectives - Please provide a brief description of objectives and methodology.
--Results - Please provide key results and insights of your research to date.
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