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Club mandate: To provide opportunities and networking experiences for Somali's attending SFU. SSA intends to Initiate and maintain fellowship, while raising awareness of social and political issues within the Somali community. The club also aims to strengthen ties with students of African and Caribbean descent on campus, as it works as a Sub-Association of SOCA.

Website: http://https://www.sfusoca.ca/sfu-somali-students-association.html
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SSA Member Privileges
As members of SFU Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry (SOCA), SSA members have access to the Black Community Services Center's resources, soon to be located in the new Student Union Building (SUB). This includes use of the space for meetings, use of the sofas, use of the television in the lounge, the microwave and the library. Members of SSA may borrow books and the other lendable resources just like any other SOCA member. If SSA wants to borrow equipment as an association, a request can be made to a SOCA Executive to which SOCA will notify SSA through SOCA's Secretary, Internal Relations Officer, or designate.
SSA Relationship with SOCA
SFU Somali Students Association (SSA) is an Affiliate Sub-Association of SFU Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry (SOCA) as defined in SOCA Constitution Section IV.6.

VIEW WEBSITE at https://www.sfusoca.ca/about.html

SFU Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry (SOCA) and The Somali Students Association (SSA) are two associations at SFU that represent collectives of students within and for the Black community at Simon Fraser University. SSA seeks to advocate and create a relationship among Somali students while SOCA seeks to initiate and maintain fellowship among Students of African and Caribbean Descent on campus, centering the Black Community and allies in its efforts. This agreement enhances the relationships among Students of African and Caribbean Descent on this campus and provides a framework for Somali Students to also be fully engaged among the Somali Student Community. Somali Students are also able to access the camaraderie between other Students of African and Caribbean Descent on Campus through its relationship with SOCA.
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