Aminirus' Commission Request Form
Payments are through Paypal invoicing. Any payments over $50 usd can be split with at least half payment due up front. Splitting payments into 1/3 or 1/4 is optional for anything over $100 usd
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Is this for Commercial Use or Personal?
Personal work is for your use only, such as prints only you can make and not to sell. Personal use commissions cannot be created into items for sales purposes, advertising, or within printed works and games. 
Commercial work allows you to use the art for advertising, sales, games, and promotions outside of personal use.
Is this SFW (safe for work) or NSFW (not safe for work)? *
Character Reference:
Please provide a link to a clear reference of your character, both left and right views preferred. If only one side view is given, the commission will also feature this side to prevent misunderstandings of markings.
Note: Base price may alter based on complexity of character and scene
Expression/Mood and Background:
What mood should the character be in? Angry, sad, happy, etc. Do you want them in a particular action such as running, jumping, playful, etc?
What type of background environment are you looking for? Such as a forest, city, desert, ruins, etc?
Any Important Details:
Are there any other important information I should know about the character and/or scene?
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