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Startup Sesame is the global network of Tech events. Our members get premium access to the world's most-coveted conferences, including connections to industry-leading international mentors.

Our startups are matched to four acceleration programs: Europe, Mobility, Entertainment & DeepTech
We currently have 35 partner events in the network with more to be announced shortly!

Slush, 4YFN, EcoMotion, New Mobility World, EuropaVox, Arctic15, TechBBQ, South Summit, Lisbon Investment Summit, TechChill, World Summit AI, Pirate Summit, Web2Day, Autonomy, France Digitale Day, DigitalK, InfoShare, Worldz, Hello Tomorrow, The Next Web, Afrobytes, Unbound London, Startup Village, Turing Fest, SF Music Tech, Sthlm Tech Fest, Robotex, Webrazzi, PODIM & SaaStock.

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Startup Sesame
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We collaborate with international companies to cover our operational costs
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