Astronomy School Telescope at Residence

Thank you for your interest in the Forestview Planetarium's Astronomy School Telescope at Residence (ASTAR) program. ASTAR allows students of Forestview Middle School to take home an 8 inch Dobsonian telescope (see below) for two weeks and use it with their families! At least one parent, along with their student MUST attend an orientation to the telescope class on the day of check out.

The orientation class will begin at 3:10 in the room adjacent to the planetarium and last for at least 45 minutes. Most of the check-out days are on a Monday but not all. The schedule is part of this form.

This form is only for parents to complete. If you are a student, close out of this form and ask your parents to fill it out.

A signature will be required by a parent on an agreement to replace lost, stolen or damaged parts to the telescope while in their possession. An inventory list will be used upon checkout and return.

The telescopes are very easy to use but have amazing light-gathering capabilities that will allow even very faint objects to be viewed. During the orientation class, set-up/take-down will be covered but you will also receive some direction on what will be visible in the sky during the two weeks you have the scope. I want this experience to be amazing for all!

Only 8 scopes are available to begin the program. More scopes may be added later if the demand for ASTAR is high.

If you have any questions before completing this form email me at
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This is an image of the 8 inch Dobsonian telescope used in ASTAR
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Your family will be allowed to keep the telescope for two weeks. However, if you know you will be gone during any of the following two week periods do not check that box. Check the weeks that you ARE available for the telescope loaner program. (Check them all if you know you will be available) *
I understand that by completing this form I am available for the dates I checked in the previous question and I will sign the inventory form during check-out and be responsible for replacing lost, stolen or damaged parts. *
After submitting this form your name MAY be randomly picked for one of the weeks you checked in the previous question. You will be contacted by Mr. Wallace and informed of the dates you were picked.
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