OutputGaming.org - Apply to be a Moderator
At OutputGaming, we do need good quality Moderator team members to support our servers, and assist players in handling Rule Breakers, Cheaters, etc.

What we look for:
- 18+
- Must be a Mature person, who is capable of working together with the team, and shows no Bias towards certain players
- Full knowledge of our ruleset: https://www.outputgaming.org/rules
- Ability to be readily available within Teamspeak, Discord when online and playing
- Regular player, needs to be online a minimum of 20 hours a week
- Actively Monitor our RCON when you're online
- 200+ Hours played on our Servers
- Clean Ban History - WS, and Output Bans are taken into account

Few Bonuses:
- Free Reserved Slot & In-Game VIP for assistance
- Being able to have a say in the servers, and help gauge community feedback
- Being able to contribute to Testing services, etc.
- Able to see our RCON System, including all information such as player history, in-game chat, etc.

- When applying, ensure you're active within our Discord, and our Teamspeak.
- Players will have the ability to be voted into a Full Administrator roll, which will give access to ingame functions such as Satellite, etc after 3-6 months. This is voted on by all Administrators as a Collective
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