An-Nisa Network (Women's Network) Services 2021
The aim of this survey is to help us understand what women are interested in and how we can make our services more accessible for women and the community.

We recognise that ensuring anonymity and confidentiality is very important. As such the data generated from this survey will be analysed in such a way so to not identify individuals.

Your feedback is important to us so that we can design services to meet your needs.

The survey will only take 10 minutes of your time. Please encourage your female family/friends to complete.

You can keep up to date with our events/activities on our website or our Facebook page 'An-Nisa Network'.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we endeavour to keep up to date with government announcements to shape delivery of our services. Our current face to face services are on hold, we plan based on your feedback to design covid complaint services.

An-Nisa Network
January 2021
Have you attended any of An-Nisa Network services *
Would you be interested in a virtual cafe for women? *
Why would you participate in a virtual cafe? *
What would be the barriers preventing you from accessing a virtual cafe?
Would you like to see any of the following in a virtual cafe *
Which of the following topics are of interest to you? *
What times suit you best to access services? *
Are you interested in fitness related activity? *
Would you be interested in joining a Muslim women's cycling group *
If you are interested in cycling, what option is applicable to you?
Do you prefer speakers/guests from our community in Nottingham or well known speakers from across the country?
Is there anything else that would encourage you to participate in An-Nisa Network services?
How did you find out about An-Nisa Network services *
Have you volunteered at our services?
Would you be interested in volunteering at any of the following? *
What are the barriers that prevent you from volunteering?
Please tell us about how Covid-19 has impacted you and what support you may need
Your age *
Ethnicity *
Do you have a life long limiting illness or a disability?
If yes, does this prevent you accessing our services?
Area of city you live in *
Employment Status *
Marital Status
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Clear selection, also check out our Facebook page. Text 07899882385 to join our WhatsApp chat
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