Guardian Plan Application Form 守护者计划申请表
Your/Your Organization's Official Name 请填写您作为候选人的组织/个人的正式名称 *
A Brief Introduction about Your Organization/Company 关于您的组织/公司的简单介绍 *
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Which guardian role will you play? 您想参与哪种守护模式? *
If you choose to become a QuarkChain Elf Guardian, what will you do to call on your community to vote for you? (Slogan, detailed benefit allocation mechanism, and marketing strategies.) 如果您选择成为QuarkChain守护精灵,请问您将如何号召社区为您投票?(请您填写您的参选口号、详细可靠的利益分配机制及营销策略)
Promised Rebate Ratio (0%-80%) 承诺分享收益比例 *
• Your vision for QuarkChain • The rebate offered to your community supporters • Governance plan and achievable proposal • Long-term growth and marketing plan • Partner declarations and other issues that you would like to explain to your supporters 请填写您对QuarkChain的愿景/将给予社区支持者的回馈/治理计划与可能的提案/长期增长和营销计划/合伙人宣言以及其他希望对社区成员说明的事项。 *
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