Family Camper Survey 2019: Tell us what you want!
Dear Family Campers,

Camp is on the horizon and we're busy as bees getting ready for you!

To support us in our preparations we are interested in hearing what each of you is hoping to experience this year. Would you please take a few moments now to answer this short survey? It would support us to have responses by JULY 7th so that we can use what we learn.

Our preference is for each family member to fill out their own survey. You can email the survey's link to each of your family members, or have them answer directly through the link in your email.

Thank you for taking your time to help us support everyone in having a wonderful time at camp this year

~With love,

Jennifer, Johnny, Marcia, Genevieve, Jules, & George
(Your Camp Organizing Team)
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What are you wanting to experience at camp this year? *
Do you have any concerns about coming to camp? *
Are there any particular family challenges, transitions, or celebrations you'd like us to know about? *
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Which family are you a part of? (ie: The Dolstad-Larson Family) *
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