The Music Connection Machine Project
We are developing a system that connects all sorts of musical data together - linking recordings with scores, mapping performance styles and traditions, automatically discovering potential musical influences by looking at musical scores, annotating quotations and borrowings, mining literature about music and connecting it with the music itself, and making all these connections accessible in a browser. But before we spend too much time implementing all these features, we would like to hear from you: what are YOU interested in most? Without you, our future users, the whole development would be pointless. Please help us create a tool that you would like to use - your feedback is very important to us and will drive our priorities. We appreciate it a lot! Thank you.
I am interested in performance practice
Would you like to see a map of performance traditions for various instruments and genres and where different artists fall on it? Or an overview of multiple performances, in which you can at once see the differences in interpretations and with one click hear them?
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I am a ...
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I am interested in discovering similarities among musical works
Would you like to look at a score and be able to see interesting connections to places in this or other scores?
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Would you be interested in seeing quotations and influences within and between different pieces?
For example, a map showing all relations between pieces (similar parts and deviations) can be shown that you can navigate, zoom and filter, where notes are highlighted and superimposed.
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I would like to have a map of musical influences among composers and artists
Imagine an animated map that shows how musical influence flowed over time, from country to country, from composer to composer, from artist to artist
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I would like to see what the literature says about the history and the connections between composers and/or pieces
We will mine lots of books about music and present the knowledge about musical connections (influences, histories, etc.) in an interactive interface
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Would you like to be able to easily compare sheet music editions?
See how various editions of the same piece differ from each other
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Are there any other questions that you would be interested in exploring?
What other interfaces should we work on?
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What instruments do you play?
Piano, Guitar, Violin, Flute, Percussion, Voice, Choir, Orchestra...
Any other feedback
Ideas, questions, comments - we'd love to hear from you!
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