Olympic Valley Firewise Survey
Homeowner Information
To maintain our Firewise Certification we must document efforts by the community to enhance our wildfire resistance.

Either once a year, perhaps when it starts to snow, or each time you do something , please use this form to provide us with an estimate of the amount of time (hours) or funds (dollars) you have spent, beginning Jan 1 2020, making your home and property more wildfire resistant.

Please maintain your records in case they are needed. Thank you.
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Hours Worked on Dwelling/Home
Examples include: Removing pine needles and leaf litter from roofs and gutters, replacing vinyl gutters with metal gutters, ignition-resistant exterior improvements, installing screening on vents, flammable items removed from under decks and porches, inspect roof and replace missing shingles, etc.
Hours Worked Landscaping
Examples include: Installation of hardscaping, replacing combustible mulches with stone/gravel options, tree and shrub removal, raking and removal of pine needles, leaves, ground litter/debris, tree trimming/limbing, moving firewood, lawn and native grass maintenance, etc.
Volunteer Hours Worked
Examples include: Meetings, presentations, program administration, homesite visits, volunteer cleanup days, green waste days, etc. Includes time spent participating in shelter in place evacuation drills.
Funds spent to make home more fire resistant
Includes monies spent on fire-resistant landscaping, roofs, decks, windows, vent screening, siding, retrofits, etc. Includes any funds sent with contractors.
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