2013 Women & Bicycles Roll Model Application

<b>Supported by the League of American Bicyclists</b>

Thanks for your interested in becoming a Roll Model! We look forward
to reading about why you’d like to become an official bike mentor in
your community.

Please fill out this questionnaire by Friday, February 22nd.

<b>The Women & Bicycles Program Philosophy </b>
This program is designed to create opportunities for helpful exchanges
between two different groups: women who already bicycle and women who
are interested in bicycling. To do this, we’re sponsoring a season of
workshops, rides, and meetups, all of which will encourage
skillsharing. This type of community-based guidance has worked for
ages, but it’s a new approach to getting more people on bicycles;
WABA’s program is the first of its kind in the country.

We’re planning a series of 10 social rides, 10 workshops, and 10
meetups. We’re in need of 10 Roll Models, who will call on the women
in their lives to participate as well as serve as continuous
resources. Below, read an overview of how Roll Models will participate
in the program.

<b>Your Role as a Roll Model</b>
<i>Be an expert of your own experience:</i>You don’t need to know everything
there is to know about cycling—far from it! You only need to have
incorporated bicycling into your life as a form of transportation and
be interested in sharing what you learned along the way.

<i>Call on up to 10 women in your social circles to participate in the
program and try out bicycling. </i> As a Roll Model, you’ll be a mentor to
a select group of women you already know—friends, family members,
coworkers, book-club members, neighborhoods, etc. These should be
DC/VA/MD-area women who have expressed an interest in biking but, for one
reason or another, haven’t gotten on a bike.

<i>Help us host 1 event; a meetup. </i>This will be a private event to which you’ll
invite the women in your social circles. You’ll work with our
coordinator to choose a setting in which you feel comfortable hosting
a meal and roundtable discussion for your mentees; our coordinator
will provide food, beverages, and educational materials, and
facilitate a discussion. We envision these social events to be a safe
space in which women can ask questions and share tips.

<b>WABA's Role</b>
You won’t be expected to do any of the above alone. WABA will
coordinate logistics for all events and cover the cost of the meetup
that you plan. We’ll also provide educational materials in print and
online (including the official Women & Bicycles booklet). Roll Models
will receive from WABA free entry to Elly Blue’s Dinner and Bicycles
night, a traveling vegan dinner party hosted by one of bike advocacy’s
luminaries; Women & Bicycles swag (yeah, you want a T-shirt); and
highlight your stories and contributions along the way on our blog and

You don’t need to know all the routes, facts, statistics, gear,
components, and technology involved with bikes. You don’t need to
attend every Women & Bicycles event. You don’t need to turn every
woman you know into a year-round bike commuter—we know that, for many
people, that’s not a reality. You just have to like biking in the D.C.
area, be willing to work your personal networks for one meetup, and
follow up with your friends that attend. And we'd love it if you could
ride with them whenever possible!

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