The Bubbler Awards: Best Places to Work for Young Professionals in Wisconsin
The Bubbler Awards shines a light on the companies who have made great strides to accommodate the interests of a shifting workforce. A lot of attention is paid to the picture of Millennials as discontent or disinterested in traditional forms of employment. We are eager to showcase the reality of how many Wisconsin-based companies are adjusting and creating environments that allow young professionals to call this state home.

The Bubbler Awards is an example of how YPWeek Wisconsin highlights the young professional voice. Additionally, the nomination and selection process establish a framework for existing and emerging young professionals throughout the state to collaborate and brand Wisconsin as a workplace destination for Millennials.

The nomination evaluation centers on what Millennials are looking for in today’s workplace including: competitive salary and benefits, opportunity for advancement, and employee and community engagement. We are looking for quality over quantity, only submit one application per company please!

Application deadline: February 28th, 2018
Winners announced: March 14th, 2018

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Unique Employee Perks *
Please list the incentives and benefits that employees receive at your company. We're not looking for general package descriptions. We're interested in unique offerings that separate your company from others.
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Creative Brainstorming and Team Building Around Workplace Problems *
Please provide specific examples of company policy or processes that allow employees the opportunity to work in a team environment to brainstorm creative solutions or new innovations that help the company's mission or challenges.
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Work/Life Balance and/or Integration *
Please provide examples of what your company does to address work/life balance and/or integration for its employees.
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Professional Development Programming *
Please provide examples of time and resources that your company invests in the professional development of your employees.
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Employee Engagement Opportunities *
What type of programming, policies and initiatives does your company have in place to increase employee engagement? (Please provide 4 examples)
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Community Engagement *
How does your company invest in the community in which it is located to ensure your employees are connected to the place they call home? Does your company allow work-time to serve on civic and community boards and committees?
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Diversity and Inclusion *
Please share examples of strategies your company has put in place to create a more diverse and inclusive environment in the past year.
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Employee Feedback *
What strategies does your company have in place to encourage, collect and implement employee feedback? Please describe opportunities that are created to increase access to leadership across the organization.
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Workplace Accessibility *
What is your workplace's walk-score, transit-score, and bike-score? Find out here How close is your location to restaurants and other service based businesses?
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Support of "Intra-preneurs" *
What is your current process for bringing new ideas to life within your company?
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Young Professionals
Is your company involved in your local young professional organization? (if applicable) *
If 'YES', do they support financially? *
If 'YES', are employees involved on committees and boards? *
Additional Info
Let us know if there are any other unique practices your company does to engage young people!
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