ME-OR - Driver Details - 2019
Please fill in the necessary information below. These details will be used for booking in for all of the regional meetings in the mid east region.

These will be stored by Regional pre-booking manager and used when you book in for one of the regional competitions this year.

It is important that you give us the correct information.
Personal details
Name *
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Email *
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BRCA Number: *
This is your current BRCA number for 2019. You must have BRCA membership to be able to race at the regionals this year. ALL BRCA NUMBERS WILL BE CHECKED PRIOR TO THE EVENTS. NO BRCA NO RACING.
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Date of birth *
Formula Rating:
Your Current Formula rating will be based on last years regional series. This are available to view on If you have never raced at the regionals before choose F5
Ability *
Enter your ability. 1 = Beginner, 10 = Pro
Transponder Numbers
Please enter your transponder numbers for each car you will race at this years regionals
2wd Transponder:
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Type of Transponder - 2wd
4wd Transponder:
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Type of Transponder - 4wd
Open Class Transponder:
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Type of Transponder - Open
Crystals (Frequencies)
Please enter what frequencies you will be using. For 27 mhz type a colour (Multiple frequencies are preferred). For 40 mhz state the three digit number (e.g. 715), If you are running 2.4 please enter 2.4)
Xtal 1: *
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Xtal 2:
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Xtal 3:
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