Housing & Homelessness Committee - Leadership Candidacy Form
UPDATE: Housing & Homelessness Committee is extending the deadline for submissions for the position of Coordinator until Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 11:59pm.

Please complete this form to submit your candidacy for a Coordinator position. Candidates must be members in good standing and have paid national dues by Saturday, January 18th in order to be eligible to run.

Description of the Coordinator Role (up to 2 can be elected)

Per DSA-LA bylaws, the Coordinator(s)’s primary responsibilities “will be coordinating and communicating with other Committee and Working Group Coordinators as well as the Steering Committee about the progress of Committee work.”

- Assigning note taking and Stack taker for Committee meetings.
- Collecting sign-in sheet at Committee meetings/tracking meeting attendance.
- Sharing with project leads and other roles updates and action items from meetings.
- Maintain and make available to Local leadership (Steering Committee) records of key discussions and decisions of the Committee, including with coalition partnerships, including any requests for Local resources.
- Identifying opportunities to collaborate with other DSA-LA committees and working groups, ask for support, offer support, etc.
- Coordinating events/meetings with Working Groups, Committees and Coalition partners.
- Coordinating with Coalition partners and maintaining coalition partner contact list.
- One of the elected coordinators must identify as a person of color, LGBTQ, non-binary, and/or a woman.
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