#GSAS23 - Call For Papers
!!! The Agenda is already approved and CLOSED! But, feel free to send us your proposals which we will add to the waiting list.

Hello, thank you for your interest in our upcoming edition of Global Software Architecture Summit, which will take place in Barcelona ( October 9-11, 2023 ). This form is to submit your talks and/or workshop proposals.  

Call for papers will end as soon as the schedule is completed. Each speaker may send more than one proposal. Please, focus on real life experiences and case studies. 

We accept 2 types of proposals ( both of them should be related to software architecture ):

1. Hands-on Workshop ( 2 hours long )

2. Practical Talk ( 40 minutes long ) 

Topics to cover:

  • Fitness functions
  • DDD
  • Frontend Architecture
  • Backend Architecture
  • Mobile Architecture
  • Software Architecture Tools
  • How to evolve from legacy systems to needed architecture
  • Pragmatic orientation
  • Interactions of team topologies and architecture
  • Software architecture in practice
  • When and how to change architectures in a company
  • Breaking up monoliths
  • Architecture cases
  • Latest Architecture Trends
  • Architecture Failures with case study
  • Common architecture issues and their solutions
  • Distributed systems
  • Architecture Patterns
  • Scaling
  • What is an example of a good architecture
  • The process of architecting
  • Event-Driven and Microservices architecture
  • How to setup architecture metrics gathering
  • ... or you can propose your own topic! 

If you have questions or comments, please contact with us: gsas@apiumhub.com

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We hope to see you in #GSAS23! If your company is interested in sponsoring GSAS, send us an email: gsas@apiumhub.com or add contact details of a person responsible for it here: 
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