Community Advisory Committee Application
HI! Thanks for your interested in being a member of the Community Advisory Committee through Family Tree Clinic's Community Engagement Department!

Family Tree Clinic began as a few nurses offering service in response to a sexual health need in the neighborhood. Decades later we know our connection to the community directs our future in order to offer inclusive and accessible care.
In 2016 Family Tree began its Community Engagement Listening Session project to hear from communities we don’t see, mainly POC and their intersecting identities. For these communities, what does positive and affirming care look like? If we want people to feel connected to Family Tree we need to first listen to their needs and visions of positive healthcare experiences.

- A person who cares about health access
- Critical thinker able to share ideas
- Identify yourself as a part of Black, African, African American and/or LGBTQIA community

- Provide support and critique on Community Engagement program process with the purpose of maintaining integrity to community and FTC mission.
- Have direct contact with Director of Community Engagement with support and accountability in role.
- Serve as a connection to community: link to other organizations or groups, recruitment for listening sessions or parent classes.
- Analyze data collected over grant year to help us reflect upon findings and form it into a report with Rainbow Research.

- $50 gift card at end of participation year.
- Feature on Community Engagement web page to share your work with our network of patients
- Certificate of service after term completion
- Food and swag at each meeting.

- Each member serves for one year and can renew their position up to three years.
- Members are asked to attend FOUR meetings a year with occasional email check-ins on progress, changes, or updates in the project. We make this flexible using a mix of web-based and on-site meeting options.

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