Reboot Beirut: An initiative by startups for startups (Beneficiary Form)
This initiative is for the Lebanese entrepreneurs by Lebanese entrepreneurs. Its purpose is to support the businesses affected by Beirut's explosion through sponsoring the services offered by other Lebanese startups through the Wakilni Extra Mile Fund. If you are a Lebanese startup / entrepreneur whose business was affected by Beirut's explosion, please fill the form below and join the network of Reboot Beirut.
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Are you a small or medium Lebanese business owner? / هل أنتم أصحاب شركة صغيرة أم متوسطة لبنانية؟ *
Was your business impacted by Beirut's explosion on August 4th? / هل تأثر عملكم بانفجار بيروت في الرابع من آب؟ *
If you answered yes to the above question, please tell us more about the impact
Name of your business / اسم الشركة؟ *
Location of your business /  مكان العمل؟ *
What type of business is it? / ما هو نوع العمل؟ *
Name of Contact Person / اسم الشخص الذي يمكن الاتصال بهم *
Contact Email / البريد الاكتروني *
Contact Phone number / رقم الهاتف *
Website (if available - Social media if not available) / موقع الويب إن وجد - موقع التواصل الاجتماعي ان لم يوجد *
What support do you need? / ما هو نوع الدعم الذي تحتاجه؟ *
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