Annual Filing Company AGM 2018 Detail ,Data Required 01-4-2017* to 31-3-2018
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Annual Report / Financial Statement 31032018 (01-4-2017 to 31-3-2018) *
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Detail Break up of Managerial Remuneration or Director Salary If any During The Year (01-4-2017 to 31-3-2018) *
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General Meeting Resolution or Board Resolution Passed if any During the year (01-4-2017 to 31-3-2018) *
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Detail of Transfer ( Name of Transfer , Name of Transference, Date, No of Shares, Rate Rs , Detail of Share Certificate (Format Excel)
Bank Account Open and Closure During The year (01-4-2017 to 31-3-2018) else We have assume that There is no Such Tranaction *
If any Name of Bank and Date of Open or Date of Closure (Format Excel)
Borrowing / Unsecured Loan Taken other then Bank and Financial Institution (Secured / Unsecured ) As on 31-03-2018 (Inflow of Fund IN-IN) *
(Format Excel) @ Private Limited Co ( Director , Shareholder , Director Relative & Unrelated Inter corporate @ Limited Co ( Director & Unrelated Inter corporate
Loan and Advance Given as on 31-03-2018 (Outflow of Fund) (OUT-OUT) *
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Requested to Remit ROC Filling Fees in Advance
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"Sd/- not allowed for ROC filing purpose: Rule 8(6) of the Companies (registration Offices and Fees), Rules, 2014 'Scanned image of documents shall be of original signed documents relevant to the e-forms or forms and the scanned document image shall not be left blank without bearing the actual signature of authorised person'"
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