2021 GIRLS ROCK! DC Youth Leader Application
Girls Rock! DC's Youth Leaders are a group of 4-10 teens that meet to practice communication and leadership skills, and make GR!DC more youth-driven. Youth Leaders play a big role in Girls Rock! DC! They help set Girls Rock! DC's strategic goals and design programs throughout the year.

You are eligible to apply if:
-You are 14-18 years old as of April 15, 2021
-You have participated in a Girls Rock program at least once before (this includes Girls Rock! DC Summer Camp, After-School Program, or other workshop or activity).
-You care about creating change in your community!

How do I apply?
1. Submit the application form by the deadline (April 30, 2021)
2. Participate on a zoom interview with Girls Rock! DC adult leaders (we'll reach out to you!)
3. Stay tuned for announcement of new members (Early May)

How are we selected?
Youth Leaders will be selected by the GR!DC team on the basis of eligibility and with an aim to ensure that participant's viewpoints and experiences are reflective of GR!DC's camper base as a whole.

What is the commitment?
Youth Leaders commit to working with Girls Rock! DC for minimum six months (May 2021-November 2021). They can serve multiple terms, there is no limit. They will spend 4-8 hours per month on Youth Leader responsibilities. Youth Leaders will be compensated for their hard work with a stipend.

What will we do?
Youth Leaders meet by zoom one or two times per month for about two hours each with other Girls Rock! DC adult leaders to plan Girls Rock! DC programs, usually on a weekday evening or weekend afternoon. Youth Leaders help with outreach and advertising for Girls Rock! DC. Youth Leaders also have the opportunity to design and lead workshops and other activities throughout the year.

Apply below! We are so excited to work with you and hear what you have to say. If you have any questions, you can email noel@girlsrockdc.org. You can also contact Noel if you need accommodations filling out this application, including filling out a paper application, answering the application questions over the phone, etc.
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Your Leadership and Skills
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Final Thoughts
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