Baby Steps' Student Resident Assistant Application
Thank you for taking the time to apply to serve with Baby Steps as a part-time, Student Resident Assistant. We look forward to learning more about you!

Upon finishing your application, please send your resume to, along with sending the following link to 4 references (one professional, one mentor, and two past roommates):

The following link contains more information about the role of a part-time, Student Resident Assistant:
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If hired, when are you available to start?
Why are you interested in working for Baby Steps? What draws you to the mission?
How do people describe your personality?
What is something that you are passionate about and why?
What current commitments do you have? Work? Clubs? Other organizations? Please describe in detail how involved you are with each, including weekly time committed to each.
Please give examples of how you handled conflict in a professional setting (i.e. work, internship) as well as in a non-professional setting (i.e. friend to friend).
Please explain a situation in which you had to work/live/interact with someone who was not like you. How did you manage this situation?
How well do you receive constructive criticism?
How comfortable are you with small children and babies? Please explain.
Tell us about your last roommate experience.
Describe a time when a stranger or acquaintance became a close friend. How did this friendship come to be, and how do you continue to foster the friendship?
Tell us about two of your values and how you implement and uphold each of them in your daily life.
Working at Baby Steps requires excellent communication skills across generations (students, professionals, donors, etc). Describe your interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills.
Being a Student Resident Assistant means that your work environment is also your living environment. How do you imagine you will find a healthy balance between your work life and your personal life?
How do you deal with stress?
What do you anticipate being your greatest obstacle as a Resident Student Assistant?
How specifically do you see the recourse of Baby Steps bringing good into our world?
Have you had any prior involvement with Baby Steps? If so, what?
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