Assignment: FlexBooks® 101
Please complete the following tasks within a week of your webinar session if you are hoping to become CK-12 Certified.

In this assignment, you will work your way through three sections:

A) How to Find and Customize FlexBooks®
B) Editing and Sharing Best Practices and Options
C) How to Ensure Successful FlexBook® Use

Don't forget, if you have any issues or questions, you can always email us at Also, if you'd like additional help, you can sign up for a 30 minute time slot under the Office Hours tab on

- CK-12 Team

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Finding and Customizing FlexBooks®
Will you be customizing existing FlexBooks® or starting from scratch? *
Find a FlexBook® to customize and paste the URL here, or note that you are "starting from scratch." You can use the "Search" tab,  "Schools" page, "Branch" links, or "Standards" filter. *
Check the following steps once you have completed them. *
Save your FlexBook® and paste the URL here. *
When do you intend to publish your FlexBook®, if ever?
Check the following once completed. *
Editing and Sharing Best Practices and Options
What are a few important editing best practices? *
What is the option you think you will use to share your FlexBook®?
Thinking Ahead: Customizing to Success
What do you think makes a FlexBook® a success with students? *
What will you do to make your FlexBooks® a success with students? *
Can you do this with your current skill-set or are there other things you need to learn about CK-12? How will you learn them? *
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