2019 Dolly Mrozek Scholarship
We enjoyed reading everyone's responses last year! We would like to thank every person who participated, as we were able to share in the joy of others in memory of Dolly. She was an amazing mother, sister, aunt, and grandmother, who would be tickled to know we were able to provide educational opportunities in her honor.

This year we've changed the questions a little, but the sentiment is still the same! Dolly loved to collect everything from teacups to chairs. She often drank cups of tea in her cottage overlooking a small lake. Speaking of tea, she absolutely loved her Earl Grey! Her house was always filled with plants too, and she liked to trim a bit of basil or rosemary for her cooking. Dolly was and continues to be a quiet but effective inspiration to all who knew and loved her.

This scholarship covers the registration for 2 adults ($110 each) and one youth ($45). We will contact you with the phone number listed here. Please keep in mind that more funds may become available for this scholarship.

Dolly, in her early "lake looking" years
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Dolly loved to grow things in her garden. Describe your own experiences with your plants or nature in general. *
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On many an occasion, Dolly took it upon herself to find an abandoned piece of furniture and make it "new." Tell us about a time you remade something old into something new! *
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Finally, tell us how you plan to use and share the knowledge you gain from the conference. *
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