The Experiences That Matter Survey
1. Have you ever had a profound or out-of-this-world experience? *
Anything that took you out of your normal way of thinking or left a lasting impression.
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2. Which of these expressions would you use to describe your experience(s)? *
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3. How do such experiences make you feel? *
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4. And how did you feel in the hours and days after the experience? *
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5. Would you like to share your experiences with others who have had similar ones? *
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6. Many researchers believe that such experiences are part of our personal journey of growth, part of our process of becoming more whole and fulfilled. How do feel about that idea? *
7. Would you like to know more about such personal growth opportunities? *
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8. If you would like access to a forum where you can share with others (Q5), or would like to make the most of your experiences (Q6 & Q7), please provide your contact details below:
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