Beef and Noods
I spent time creating each one of these recipes to be extremely easy and quick. However, you will have the ability to customize them if you would like. I love every one of them, and you would never guess you didn't start from scratch.

For each recipe you only need 2 ingredients. 1lb of hamburger, a few cups of water, and 20-30 minutes. Each box will have ingredients, directions, what you will need to cook the meal and the possible additions you could make, ie; cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms etc. There are 3 size options, 2 servings, 4 servings or 8 servings. I hope you enjoy this quick meal made with quality ingredients and no added sugar or preservatives. With the cost of hamburger (80/20 @ $3.78) this meal will be less than $2.75 per person.

Pick up will be on April 30th from 5-5:30 at Pear Tree. If you are unable to make pick up, but would like to order I can also arrange a few porch drop offs on the days following pick up. Invoices will be sent to the email you provide and will need to be paid by April 29th.
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If you would like them to be Gluten Free Check this box. GF adds $2 to each box
I do not have a gluten free bread option yet.
Artisan Bread Loaf $7
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Skillet Lasagna $7
I love this one with cottage cheese and mozzarella.
I love this one with cottage cheese and mozzarella.
Cheesy Italian Shells $7
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Cheesy Ranch Burger $7
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Beef Stroganoff $7
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