Loma Prieta Area Water Supply Resource List

This form is a request to formally identify the various water sources in the Loma Prieta / Summit area in order that they be available should we see big fires in future seasons. In fact even a fire isolated to a structure can consume upwards of 50,000 gallons of water!

Additionally, the intent is to be able to keep this information up to date and be able to communicate it to incident management teams during fires. As such, much or all of the information would be quasi-public. Please consider this in your replies. We would hope that this single aspect would not preclude a valuable resource from being made available. Unless directed otherwise, we would normally share this information locally with Cal Fire at Burrell and Santa Clara County Fire at Redwood Estates. In the event of a large extended incident (think: 1985 Lexington Hills Fire) water location may be shared with the incident management team as well.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures of standpipes, driveway access or tanks and hardware are welcome as well. Please send to inquire@lomaprietafire.org

Thank you in advance for your information and please feel free to forward this email to your friends and neighbors. If you have multiple locations to report, then just click on the link as many times as needed to generate a new document.

Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire and Rescue.

Name *
Please enter the name of the water supply: E.g. "Villa Del Monte Mutual Water Company"
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Source Type *
Choose one please. Water companies please choose the hydrant/standpipe with the highest volume and best access.
Quantity in Gallons *
Please choose the figure that best describes your available water quantity. Add multiple tanks to determine a total number of gallons.
Location (Address) *
Use a numerical address: "17445 Old Summit Rd.". Do not add City, State or zip unless the address is not a Los Gatos address.
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Cross Street *
Please give the nearest cross street to the hydrant. If on Summit Woods Dr. the cross might be Kline Ct.
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Access *
Please give additional important information: E.g. "Standpipe is behind locked gate. Call XXX for entry" or "Standpipe is on dirt road, 4x4 only".
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Turnaround *
Provide information regarding the ability for a vehicle that is potentially 10' x 30' to turn around. Information regarding the ability for multiple vehicles to stage in the area is also useful.
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Hydrant or Standpipe Fitting *
Indicate whether a standard 2.5 Nation Hose thread (NH) fitting exists or any other kind of fitting. Indicate if water can only be accessed by drafting with hoses or portable pumps such as might be the case in a pond.
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Output *
If at all possible indicate the pressure (psi) and gallons per minute (gpm) of the standpipe if known. A bucket test may be conducted to estimate gpm. Please indicate if it is an estimate.
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Recovery Rate *
To the best of your knowledge indicate how quickly the water supply will refill: E.g. " 10 gallons per minute - if power is on".
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Special Instructions *
Indicate any important information regarding power needs, pump switches, notifications, etc. An entry might say: "Call primary contact in order to have pumps turned on" or "Do not use hydrants at top of hill".
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Contact Name(s) and Number(s) *
Please enter as many names and numbers as needed in order of priority.
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Administrative Email Address
Please enter an email address that can be used by Loma Prieta Fire (only) as an administration contact for maintaining this database only. It will not be used for emergency contact unless it is included in the contact information above.
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Release Information *
Please indicate your level of comfort regarding release of this information. Please keep in mind that once information is passed to third parties we cannot control its further dissemination. Also note that in a time of urgent need, effective use of these resources might require making this information available beyond local agencies on the hill.
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