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Welcome! Bienvenid@S

We're excited that you want to join the Mayday Team! We are a 100% volunteer run orgranization that curates programming and public-facing events -- all our events are volunteered-run and wouldn't be possible without a strong crew!

This application is merely for us to get to know you better, understand your capacity, learn more about your skill sets and your interests. Once submitted, we will reach out to you and invite you to our next upcoming Mayday meeting to get you plugged into the work we are doing.

This year we are strengthnening our volunteer network and want those who apply know that volunteers keeps us sustainable, thriving for years to come and so that we can continue to be the social hub & local resource of social movements, a space to just kick-it with the homies & most importantly to create a space to connect & build with each other! - You are Mayday!


Our project coordinator Nancy Torres is also available if you have any questions about volunteering or want to drive a specific project here at Mayday. You can reach her at

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Mayday is a place for diverse, dynamic programming that supports efforts for local community empowerment and broader social justice movements. We do not discriminate and we seek to create a movement space that is inviting to diverse groups. Adding your information below is a way for us to ensure we are successful in our mission.
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