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This fall, the Omega Institute will host the 2nd annual Drawdown Learn Conference —a collaborative 3-day event Oct 18-20—featuring Katharine Wilkinson of Project Drawdown's leadership team, and many presentations and workshops led by early adopters of the Drawdown framework, and others working on innovative climate solutions in schools, community organizations, city planning, libraries, business, land stewardship, and other arenas.

For more information about the event, go to www.eOmega.org/drawdown.

The main goal of this event is education, awareness, and engagement. We are looking for ways to connect the efforts of schools and communities; to catalyze expanded involvement, sharing of ideas and resources; and to provide a space for young people, mentors, parents, and community members to build relationships and find ways to be part of ambitious climate action.

If you are planning to attend this Drawdown Learn gathering and would like to share a particular project, resources, or approach that you think would be helpful for others, please fill out this form and we will follow up with you about creating a display in our expo area.

Space is limited and will be allocated depending on how many people would like to bring materials, and how large their demonstration requirements are. Submit requests early to be considered for larger displays.

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