Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Trips
This form is for anyone interested in joining a Cowboy Fellowship Disaster Relief Team that will travel to the coastal areas of Texas and supply aide wherever needed. PLEASE NOTE: these trips will have very primitive living conditions and participants MUST be self sufficient. Currently there are no restroom facilities, running water, electricity, cell phone service, or immediate medical help.
Full Name
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Cell Phone Number
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Are you 18 years or older?
What type of trip do you want to attend?
Does Cowboy Fellowship have a background check on file for you?
Do you have any health issues? If yes, please explain.
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Do you have health insurance?
Do you have a current Tetanus Vaccination?
Have you ever been on a disaster relief trip of any kind? If yes, please explain when, where, and how you helped.
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Please list any special skills you have (ex: carpentry, plumbing, masonry, etc).
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Please list any equipment in good working condition that you are willing to bring along (ex: chainsaws, skid-steers, wheelbarrows, leaf blowers, hand-tools, etc). Keep in mind that equipment needs to be gas powered.
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Do you have a camper/RV that is self sustaining with a generator that you would be willing to take along for use?
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